Hello Everyone! I have some great news. Public Masses are back at Newman!!! Starting Sunday, June 14th. If you are around and interested in attending, PLEASE read all the details of this message and the attachments/links. These masses will only be for San Diego college age students, as well as Aztec Catholic Staff and volunteers. They will be reservation only. You cannot come unless you reserve a spot on our google doc (Mass sign up sheet). You also, may only come/reserve twice a week. If you do reserve a spot, PLEASE honor that and come. Mass will be preceded by Adoration for an hour. Aka there will be a holy hour before each Mass. This time of adoration is only for those who reserved a spot for mass and will be attending mass. Masses will be Sunday-Thursday at Noon and Saturday at 5pm. There will be no Mass on Friday. Though there will be a student led virtual Rosary on Fridays at noon. More info on that to follow. Please read and follow the following guidelines (these will also be posted at Newman). There is still no obligation for Sunday mass. So it is not mandatory to go to mass as of now. And if you can’t fit into a Sunday mass, you can still attend a daily mass.

Aztec Catholic Safety guidelines.jpg